I am currently a PhD student at the Autonomous Robotics and Perception Laboratory at the University of Colorado, Boulder where I am undertaking research in perception, planning and control for agile autonomous vehicles under the direction of Dr. Gabe Sibley. On this site you’ll find information on my current activities and research as well as past projects. My resume can also be accessed here.


My current research focus is on planning and control for the Parkour Cars project. The project is aimed at developing novel high speed perception, planning and control methods to autonomously enable high-speed and agile maneuvers including jumps, loop-the-loops and precise high-speed driving. These conditions require high fidelity systems that can fold in the real life 3D constraints of the problem as well as run tractably on today’s hardware in real-time. More detail about the project can be found on the Parkour Cars Project Page on this site.

Past Projects

Prior to commencing my research at the University of Colorado, Boulder, my primary focus was on autonomous aerial vehicles specifically for search & rescue operations. My work was undertaken in Project Andromeda, which I started during my undergraduate studies. I led a team of 3 engineers during the development of the project which culminated in successfully achieving autonomous flight on a custom designed composite airframe and bespoke autopilot and inertial navigation system. More information on the project, including a timeline of activities can be found on the project webpage.


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